10. Young Griffo

Interesting Aussie, Griffo. Too many champs have become alcoholics after boxing, he’s probably the only alcoholic to become a world champ.

In fact, Griffo, the greatest boxer produced Down Under, entered at least two of his bouts while drunk. In one, a 1897 farce against Tom Tracey, he stunned the crowd by halting the action to give a slurred speech. Tracey, arms folded and glowering, was less than impressed.

The booze didn’t dim his amazing skills, though he was a powder-puff puncher.

Blessed with amazing ability, Griffo beat Torpedo Billy Murphy for the world title in 1890 and defended four times before making the weight became too great an ordeal.

And Griffo also made cinematic history.  He appeared as himself in 1895 film, “Young Griffo v Battling Charles Barnett” – the first film shown for profit.

young griffo

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