Ted Cheeseman: ‘I’m holding the aces, Fowler’s got a joker’

Ted Cheeseman already has his eye on world titles but first he boxes for the European crown tonight at the O2

Headlining at the O2, are you feeling the pressure?

No, I’ve been there on this big stage, a few times now, quite a few times. It’s just natural now.

What do you think of your opponent, Sergio Garcia?

I’ve watched the different fights he’s had on Youtube. He doesn’t look a bad fighter. Good workrate. He isn’t the biggest puncher but you can’t really tell until you get in the ring because the opponents he’s fought are people no one really knows. So you can’t really judge too much off that.

With Asinia Byfield there was really spite between you, is that a difference here?

This fight is a European title. It’s the next step and then if you conquer this and win this then there is only one step and that is the world title. If I win this it’s a career changer. That gave me a bit of extra bite.

I’ll be right there. He’s ranked WBC number three. I’ll take that ranking or be even higher. Then you’re top five in most of the governing bodies. Then you’re there. I’ll be happy and confident to fight any of the three world champions.

Yours is a particularly tough division, what do you think of the world champions (Jarrett Hurd, Jaime Munguia and Tony Harrison)?

None of the three are unstoppable. There isn’t a Canelo there. All three are beatable. So to be honest I’m not too bothered which one I’ll fight. I’m happy to fight any of them. But they’re all good fighters. Once you get to this level every fight is a hard fight.

What do you think of Jarrett Hurd, because he’s basically the main man in the division?

Jarrett Hurd, I don’t know how much you can take off the fight with [Jason] Welborn. There’s rumours that he was injured and he took that as a tickover fight. But Welborn looked like he went in there, didn’t think he had a chance of winning, started winning and thought, ‘Bloody hell, I’ve got a chance’ … overdone it, got hit with a body shot and stopped. If he’d have took his time… On that performance you would say Jarrett Hurd is well beatable but you can’t take too much from it. From what I’ve heard he wasn’t in full shape because he was just overcoming an injury and took that at short notice.

It gives me confidence to go in there and do it. But obviously I can’t step too far ahead. I’ve got to do what I do best on the 2nd and get the win. Once I get the win then I can start talking about pushing for these fights.

What do you think of the Anthony Fowler fight?

Obviously it’s a fight that the public want to see, so obviously if it works out good for us business-wise there’s that attribute to it. If I was to go on and win the world title and then fight Fowler it becomes a mega-fight. But the fight’s always going to be there to make because everyone wants to see it.

I don’t really care who I fight. That’s how I always will be.

Ted Cheeseman

So you don’t have a grudge with him?

I’d like to show everyone and prove to everyone a lot of people are believing his hype. All that hype could be ended against [Scott] Fitzgerald. You don’t know. He’s got to overcome that fight the same way I’ve got to overcome this fight.

He’s not had one test against a decent opponent… But we’ll soon see.

It’s got to be worth something because I’ve got everything, I’ve got the ace cards, he’s got nothing, he’s got a joker.

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