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Supermarket snacks: Top 4 for fighters

Supermarket snacks
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Nutritionist Robert Seaborne provides a guide to enable fighters to obtain much-needed protein on the go, with these super supermarket snacks

IT’S all well and good understanding what nutrients you, as a boxer, need, and when you need them, but it is another thing knowing where to get these nutrients. After intense training, sparring and weights sessions, a boxer needs to repair and rebuild damaged muscles, therefore protein becomes vital. It is really important to get a continual turnover of good proteins to aid in getting a boxer’s body fighting fit and in the leanest, most physiologically adapted state possible. Being able to locate high-protein-based foods when ‘out and about’ will only aid in this process, and could be the difference when you get in the ring. So what options are ideal for a boxer when looking for quick supermarket snacks?

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Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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