Feature | Issue | Premium | Nov 02 2019

Sunny Edwards: ‘The highs aren’t half as sweet without the lows’

As he continues to climb up the world ratings, outspoken flyweight Sunny Edwards explains to John Dennen how his dark nights have shaped him
Sunny Edwards
Action Images/Adam Holt

“SHE could have given birth, and I would have been sparring Louis Norman.” It has been a tumultuous time in the life of Sunny Edwards. Only 23 years old, and he looks even younger, he has become a father, risen in his professional career to headline TV shows and he hopes to advance far enough up the world rankings to challenge for a major title sooner rather than later. Fatherhood has changed him too. “It’s zeroed me in a lot more, not to take everything for granted,” Sunny says. “That’s really what I’m doing it for.

“It definitely has changed me in a lot of ways, my mentality and my approach.

“Competing in the ring is my everything but at the end of the day it’s not everything. As long as I can give [his son] the best life, no matter how I do it, that’s all that really is my priority.”


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