History | May 03 2019

Sugar Ray Robinson: There will never be another

He is Walker Smith, who boxed under the ring name of Sugar Ray Robinson and lit up the Forties and Fifties with a dazzling array of skill, power, good looks and, when he had to, tremendous courage. Claude Abrams pays homage to him... the greatest fighter of all-time
Sugar Ray Robinson
Sugar Ray Robinson

TIME has done little to distort the image of near-perfection which is Sugar Ray Robinson.

Many years have passed since he last fought and, to the end of a staggering 25-year career, Robinson remained extraordinary: a master boxer, wonderfully proportioned, steel-chinned, iron-willed, a chilling puncher blessed with dazzling speed who would always knock his opponent out if the chance presented itself.

Robinson knew how to do just about everything – except, perhaps, hang up his gloves at the right time.


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