Sugar Ray Leonard and today’s stars predict Kell Brook-Errol Spence

Sugar Ray Leonard
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Sugar Ray Leonard, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Andre Berto and more give their takes on Brook-Spence

SUGAR RAY LEONARD – Former Undisputed Welterweight World Champion

“I’m really excited about this fight in particular, mainly because both fighters have to be on their A-game.  I know there is talk about Kell’s eye surgery being a psychological problem, but from personal experience, I don’t see that being the case.  I never thought about my eye once the doctor gave me the green light.

“To ask me who is going to win this fight, I have my favorite in Errol Spence.  But, based on the each fighter’s physical artillery, one punch can turn the tables around.  That being said, I am going to sit back and watch a great night of boxing.”

Sugar Ray Leonard

KEITH THURMAN – Unified WBA & WBC Welterweight World Champion

“This is an interesting fight. I have not followed Kell too much, but I have obviously seen Errol fight in the U.S.   Errol is a tough, young fighter who is just getting into the public’s eye, and Kell obviously has the strength of the British crowd on his side.

“It should be a tough fight that really speaks to the strength of the welterweight division. Both fighters are men that I would be open to fighting as I continue to unify the division in 2018. As a fight fan, let’s see what’s ‘Special’ about Kell Brook, and we’ll see if Errol Spence can show us he’s ‘The Truth.’ It should be a great fight and I’ll be watching.”

DANNY GARCIA – Former Welterweight World Champion

“I think this is a 50/50 fight.  I think the person with the better game plan is going to win.  There is a lot of pressure to go into someone’s backyard like Spence is doing, and he’s never faced a fighter in his prime before like Brook. It is definitely a test for him and a big step up in competition. If he is ready, he can do it. He just has to go in there and stay focused.

“The welterweight division is the best division in boxing. I still feel like I am one of the best welterweights in the world even though I came up short. I never thought I would say a loss would make me stronger because I didn’t see myself losing. I want my titles back and to be seen as the best in the best division.”

SHAWN PORTER – Former Welterweight Champion & Current WBC No. 1 Contender

“I’m glad Errol is getting his title shot, and I’m happy he’s going to England for it. I’m obviously pulling for the American. Errol is a phenomenal athlete and a great boxer. I think he’s ready to show the world something, but Kell is right up there in that top tier of welterweights. People who tune in should be thrilled. I know I’m looking forward to it.

“The welterweight division is awesome, top to bottom. We’re right where we need to be and should be. Boxing returning back to the masses with PBC came at the perfect time for me and the rest of the top welterweights. There are so many of us capable of winning a title right now.”

LAMONT PETERSON – WBA (Regular) Welterweight World Champion

“This is going to be a tough fight, but I think Errol should win.  At least I’m pulling for Errol to win.  He’s got to overcome the idea that there will probably be 30,000 people cheering against him, so he has to show the judges that he deserves to win.

“Brook is a good fighter and is going to bring his best, but I think Errol, in the end, is the better fighter. But he will have to prove it.

“The welterweight division is one of the best in boxing right now. We’ve got a lot of good fighters in their prime making the division strong. And guys are willing to fight each other. We are seeing the kind of fights the fans want to see. If this keeps up it could bring boxing back to where it was in the days when Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler all fought each other. So it’s really good for boxing right now.”

ANDRE BERTO – Former Welterweight World Champion

“I’m going with Errol Spence. He is young, strong, hungry and full of fire and a great technical fighter as well. Brook will be his biggest test to date. Being in front of his hometown crowd, Brook he has a lot to fight for but I’m giving Spence the edge.”

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