Feature | Jul 11 2018

Stuey Hall: ‘If I’d have got really caught on the chin I could have ended up paralysed’

Stuey Hall took a terrible risk ahead of his final fight. He speaks to John Dennen
Stuey Hall
Boxing - Newcastle  |  Action Images/Craig Brough

THE risk was terrible. Stuey Hall knew he shouldn’t be fighting Gavin McDonnell. But he did it anyway.

He’d been having a troubling sensation in his foot. It was hard to get to the bottom of what was causing it. “It was just a mad feeling in my foot. I thought, ‘Is it because I’m training too hard?’ And then it started going up my leg,” he told Boxing News. “I went to a physio and he said it sounded like a nerve. Then it just went mad.

“I’d been training for this McDonnell fight, I had this numb leg so it’s just normal now. I’m used to it. I get in a hot bath, I don’t even feel how hot the bath is until I put my other leg in it. That’s how mad it is, that’s how crazy it is. My foot just burns every single day, a burning sensation, like pins and needles.”