EXPERIENCED strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff works with a number of fighters, including unbeaten prospect and former amateur star, Charlie Edwards. The Goff, as we call him, is an expert on how to adapt effective S&C training methods for fighters to ensure they do not put on too much weight and the benefits they derive are functional and sport-specific. Here he kicks off his new Workout of the Week series with a strength training session, the Max Strength phase, that should be completed twice a week (though not on consecutive days) for a four-week period at the start of a fight camp. It should ensure a fighters becomes stronger over time.

The following should be completed using between 80-90 per cent bodyweight.

Upper body
*Rest = 2-4 minutes between sets

1) Barbell flat bench press 4 sets 4 reps

Lay flat under the barbell, grip the bar. Keep your elbows close to your sides whilst bringing the bar down to your chest. Then press towards the ceiling fully locking out your arms.

2) Weighted chin-ups 5 sets 3 reps

Attach a weighted belt to your waist. Secure a weight with which you feel you can perform three repetitions with good form. Grab the chin-up bar using a supinated (underhand) grip. Once fully extended and arms are locked out, start pulling yourself to the bar and make sure your chin goes over the bar without swinging your legs or lifting your head.

3) Barbell strict overhead press 4 sets 4 reps

The bar should start level with your shoulders, your elbows tight to your sides. Press the bar above your head and let your head naturally fall forwards, do not force it.

4) Barbell bench pull OR Bent-over row 5 sets 3 reps

If performing a bench pull, lay flat on your stomach on a bench with your bar set underneath the bench. Once set, use an overhand grip and pull the bar towards your chest. If performing a bent-over row, keep your legs bent and your back straight while forming a 45-degree angle forwards and up. Lean slightly forwards and ‘row’ the barbell to your chest.

Lower body
*Rest = 2-4 minutes between sets

1) Barbell front squats 5 sets 5 reps

Position bar in front of shoulders, elbows out in front with wrists bent back to grip the bar (probably worth Googling this grip style). Keep your elbows high at all times, aim your chest high and sit back into a squat.

2) Hex bar deadlifts 4 sets 3 reps

Stand inside the hex bar and sit back into a squat position; keep your head up and your chest high. Keep your arms fully extended and your back straight when lifting the hex bar on the upwards phase.

3) Barbell walking lunges 3 sets 8 reps each leg

Line the barbell into a back squat position, behind the head and resting on the shoulders. Once comfortable, stride one leg out and bend both knees forward. The front knee should not go past the front toe, while the back knee should almost touch the floor. Don’t allow your back knee to bang on the floor.

4) Barbell hip lifts 4 sets 5 reps

Lie flat underneath the barbell which should rest on your hips, bring your heels into your bum and keep them shoulder-width apart. Once set, lift your hips to the ceiling and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.