Setting the foundations: the building blocks to transfer strength and power. This circuit can be used in a micro cycle for 2-4 weeks. With 2-3 sessions per week (see below for exercise explanations):

Superset: rest 90secs-2mins 

1a Hex bar deadlift 5×5

1b Dumbbell flat bench press (elbows in) 8×4


2a barbell alternating lunges 5/5 x4

2b Dumbbell seated open press 8×4


3a Barbell loaded hip lifts 10×4

3b Tricep dips 10×4

  • Med ball standing rotations 8/8 – x4 rest 30-45secs.
  • Side plank hold 40-60secs X 3 rest 30-45secs.

Dumbbell flat bench press – lie on a flat bench with your arms fully extended towards the ceiling whilst gripping the dumbbells. Slowly lower the dumbbell towards your chest and keep your elbows tight by the side of your body. Once the Dumbbells are align with your chest, start pressing back to the ceiling.

Barbell alternating lunges – line a barbell up on your back on top of your traps. Start in a 1/4 squat position and take the barbell off the rack. Slowly walk backwards. Now lunge one leg forward, bending your front knee but not allowing your knee to fall over your toe. Your back leg should also bend and knee fall down towards the floor. Really push off your front keg to go back into an upright position.

Dumbbell open standing press – start in a tall upright standing position. Back straight head up, chest high with your arms bent gripping Dumbbells at chest height. Keep a pronated grip (palms facing you). Now as you start to press overhead turn your pals to a supinated grip.

Barbell loaded hip lifts – lie flat on the floor with a barbell. Role the barbell up over your legs to your waist. Now bend your legs and tuck your heels in towards your bum. Grip the barbell with your hands and waist height and keep your shoulders and head flat on the floor. Now drive the barbell up towards the ceiling using your hips. Squeeze your Glutes tight at the top of the movement.

Tricep dips – jump yourself up on the bars and start in a fully extended position. Now lower your body by bending your arms at your elbows to fall down towards the floor. Keep your elbows tight to your body and once your chest is in line with your wrist drive back up to a fully extended position.

Med ball standing rotations – find a solid wall and stand one arms length away. Grab your med ball just below chest height. Now use your hips to turn and rotate whilst pivoting off your foot to rotate and slam the ball into the wall. Catch and repeat.

Side plank – lie onto your side on the floor. Keep your left elbow under your left shoulder. Keep your left foot on the floor and place your right foot on top. Now get your hips up as high as you can and hold and squeeze.

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