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Strength and Conditioning for boxing (Part I)

Strength and conditioning trainer Cameron Goff begins his series of instructional articles with a strength session

IF you build strength and resistance work into your training, you will take qualities from that into the ring. All the exercises in this series are designed with boxing in mind: low-to-high movements, high-to-low, sitting on punches, turning into the punches.
Before the boxer has a fight date, we would normally do an upper-body session on a Tuesday and a legs or lower-body session on a Thursday. Once in camp, we work in three phases. We start with strength, gradually move on to power and then, towards the end of camp, everything gets a lot quicker and more intense, with a lot more speed work. We do stamina work in between sessions.
Over the next four months I will share and explain four sample sessions with you – the weights involved will vary depending on your capacity and experience. The sessions are based around strength (this month), power, speed and stamina.
The strength session that follows can be translated into the ring in a number of ways, including walking down the opponent, timing and explosiveness.
NB: A super-set is when you do all the reps of one exercise, then go straight into completing all the reps of another before resting.

SUPER SET: First two exercises


3 sets of 5 reps. 60 seconds’ rest between super-sets

TIP: Back straight. Knees and toes pointed out. Hips and bum out


3 sets of 8 reps. 60 seconds’ rest between super-sets

TIP: Start with a reverse grip then turn into a forward grip, like the twisting of a punch.



3 sets of 8 reps. 45 seconds’ rest between sets

TIP: Keep hips up. Squeeze your core and your glutes in.


3 sets of 1o reps per side. No rest

TIP: Don’t let your knee go in front of your toes. Keep a straight line from knee to heel.


SUPER SET: Next two exercises


3 sets of 8 reps. 45 seconds’ rest between super-sets

TIP: Another low-to-high movement. Bring the elbows up high.


3 sets of 12 reps per side. 45 seconds’ rest between

TIP: Transferring power into your hooks. Keep hands tight and tension in the resistance band.



3 rounds of 3 minutes. 30 seconds per exercise. One-minute rest between rounds

1. Dumbbell squat and press

Standard squat with DBs on shoulders, then big drive up.

2. Ring or TRX rows

Overhand grip twisting into sideways grip. Don’t over-rotate.

3. Press-ups

Keep your elbows tightly in to replicate boxing stance.

4. Russian twists with med ball

This works the obliques and helps transfer weight into punches.

5. Dumbbell renegade rows

Don’t let hips sag down. Keep body in a straight line. Alternate arms.

6. Med ball wall presses

Keep a slight bend in the knees. Explode like throwing a punch.



3 sets of 60 seconds (pro), 3 x 45 secs (intermediate), 3 x 30 secs (beginner). Rest between sets should be the same as the set i.e. 60-second planks = 60-seconds rests

Keep body tight, hips level with shoulders, wrists under shoulders.

To see images of the step by step demonstration of these exercises visit the Boxing News app and download January 29 issue of the magazine

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