Fitness | Training | Sep 05 2015

Strength and Conditioning Camp: Lower-body-power

Cameron Goff provides the lower-body portion of his power routine
Cameron Goff performs depth jumps for lower-body power
Camp LB

Having recently provided the upper-body routine to help develop power, it is now time to share it’s lower-body sibling.

1. Hurdle hops
2 sets/3 minutes’ work/40 seconds’ rest
Set out eight hurdles. Hop over each one in turn, using one leg, jog back to the start and do the same with the other leg. Don’t lean to either side and try to spend as little time on the ground as possible.

2. Kettlebell jump squats 8 sets/10 seconds’ work/40 seconds’ rest
Stand on two parallel boxes with your feet shoulder-width apart and each foot in the centre of its box. With your knees and toes pointed slightly out, lower into a squat, with the kettlebell between your legs, arms straight and shoulders back, then a big drive up from heels, and get as high as you can.

3. Dumbbell single-arm snatches 4 sets/6 reps per arm/40-60 seconds’ rest
Start in a half-squat with arms extended and the dumbbell on the floor between your legs. Squat down, grab the dumbbell in one hand, drive your hips forward and raise the weight. Once it reaches the hip, your heels should raise, your elbow should move up and drive the dumbbell towards the ceiling. Do all six reps of one side before changing sides.