Fitness | Training | Aug 28 2015

Strength and Conditioning Camp 1: Strength

Strength and conditioning trainer Cameron Goff begins a new series that takes a fighter through a 12-week training block
Strength and Conditioning prone press
S&C camp 1

IT’S important a fighter does not peak too early in a training camp. You lay the foundations and each stage leads to the next. This S&C ‘camp’ will be split into four phases: strength, power – two areas we have covered before – conditioning and peak. You need to build strength to go into the power phase, then the power translates into the explosive conditioning work and peak exercises. Periodisation also breaks up training a fighter doesn’t plateau.

The strength phase is not as directly related to boxing movements as the others. We do this for three-four weeks, trying to gain strength, record the amounts lifted and build on that into the next stage. We split the strength phase into two workouts per week, an upper-body programme on a Tuesday and lower body on a Thursday. If you were doing your whole body twice a week, you may not fully recover between those days. Part of these workouts are tempo lifts – the numbers references are the amount of seconds you should spend on lifting and descending the weight. Tempo lifts develop slow-twitch muscle fibres which work for long period of time without getting tired – essential for boxing.

This time around, with my man Charlie Edwards otherwise engaged, I have been forced to demonstrate the exercises myself.