Feature | Jan 27 2018

MUST READ Herol Graham in turmoil

The Herol Graham you remember, the bewitching ring magician, has long gone because Herol Graham, perhaps the greatest British fighter to never win a world title, is desperately ill. In a mental institution, the 58-year-old is riddled with demons and drugs and – as Ian Probert discovers – is almost devoid of hope
Herol Graham
Herol Graham's career was defined by the punch Jackson landed Action Images/Nick Potts

This feature was originally published in Boxing News magazine

I CAN’T keep my eyes off his nose. There is a scar jutting across it like the fossilised imprint of some long extinct creature, a horizontal relic from a different age. And even though I’ve seen that scar countless times I still ask him about it. My efforts at filling the silence are clumsy, almost laughable.

“It… It…”


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