Fitness | Training | Jan 14 2015

Sparring Deontay Wilder

Isaac Chamberlain tells John Dennen what it feels like to trade blows with Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder
Deontay-Wilder  |  Lucas Noonan/PBC

ISAAC CHAMBERLAIN may not have made his professional debut yet but he’s already experienced training at the top level, joining Deontay Wilder’s camp as a sparring partner. Wilder challenges Bermane Stiverne for the WBC heavyweight title on Saturday (January 17) in Las Vegas.

Chamberlain has little doubt that Wilder will be successful. “He should win because of the way he’s been performing. He came into camp really fit. He came in really sharp, really fit. He came in ready. You know when someone just acts different, he’s not the same Deontay I saw earlier on last year. He’s different. He’s like an animal. He’s a lot bigger as well. It’s different when you step in the ring with him rather than just see him from outside. He’s like a flipping animal, man. You’ve got to be sharp with him,” Isaac told Boxing News. “You’ve got to have your game face on because you can see it in his eyes and his face when you’re sparring with him, this guy’s trying to take you out. It was great.

“He’s the real deal. I saw him knockout so many guys in the gym.”


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