Opinion | Mar 27 2015

Snips and Snipes: Manny Pacquiao guilty of muddying the water with drug testing demands

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JUST under six weeks to go to the big night.

Only six more weeks of hype, insults, scare stories, rumours predictions, band wagon jumping etc. etc. The hype has already doubled the potential worth of the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight (I listed them alphabetically so don’t read anything into the order of the names) at one time it was worth $200 million now the figure of $400 million is being mentioned with the fight being shown in 170 countries so the biggest just got bigger.

After what happened five years ago it was alarming to hear the words “Dope Testing” thrown in again. This time it was Pacquiao’s team trying to muddy the water. The testing procedures were agreed up front and are already being implemented in accordance with the contract. Now Manny’s team proposed a $5 million fine if either fighter gave a positive test before or after the fight. Mayweather’s spokesmen told them to get lost and rightly so. Once you agree a contract you don’t go running back trying to add to it. I am sure we will see more attempts to muddy the water and upset the other team but they will have to be careful. Remarks and writings by Mayweather regarding Pacquiao walking away last time over the testing regime saw Pacquiao sue Mayweather and win a seven figure settlement. It would a nightmare scenario for boxing if either tested positive. It won’t happen so let’s hope the subject is dead and buried with regard to this fight.