Feature | Jul 11 2018

Sixty-six opponents better than Sefer Seferi for Tyson Fury’s next fight

The second episode of The Tyson Fury Comeback takes place in Belfast on August 18. But who will he face? Elliot Worsell presents 66 options better than the last
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury v Sefer Seferi

THE bar was set low before a punch had even be thrown.

Sefer Seferi, a 39-year-old Albanian cruiserweight known as ‘The Real Deal’, was 66 pounds lighter and nearly a foot shorter than Tyson Fury the night he welcomed the former world heavyweight champion back to competitive action in June. That’s how low the bar was set the moment contracts were signed, and, ding, ding, round one, from there it only got lower.

We saw glimpses of Seferi’s danger, or lack thereof, at the pair’s fight week workout, but this impotence really became clear on fight night, as he tried – admirably, it should be said – to use limited skills to land punches on the face of a man who was out of arm’s reach even when the pair were toe-to-toe.


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