News | Jan 13 2019

Showtime head takes issue with Oscar De La Hoya and Eddie Hearn pay-per-view comments

Pay-per-view is not dead. Showtime Sports' Stephen Espinoza dissects Eddie Hearn and Oscar De La Hoya's position on US pay-per-view
Stephen Espinoza Showtime
Stephen Espinoza  |  Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, the president of Showtime Sports, has taken issue with Oscar De La Hoya and Eddie Hearn’s condemnations of pay-per-view in America. Hearn and De La Hoya both stage shows with DAZN, the streaming service with a subscription model of small monthly payments.

Espinoza pointed out, “Look, on the concept of PPV we’ve consistently said that it’s a useful tool when it’s necessary, when you have a premium event. If you’ve got a filet mignon event, you’re going to have filet mignon prices. You don’t get filet mignon at the price of ground beef.

“I didn’t hear too many people saying that Wilder versus Fury was not a premium event, a special event, a Heavyweight Title fight, an International Worldwide Title fight that deserved to be PPV.


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