Opinion | Nov 13 2014

Should the Sergey Kovalev-Bernard Hopkins fight have been stopped? Mickey Vann gives his view

While Mickey Vann watched 49-year-old Hopkins take a pasting in the last round he wondered if the referee should have stopped the fight

THE talk this past weekend had to be about Bernard Hopkins fighting Sergey Kovalev.

But not about Hopkins winning, because he didn’t, and I along with 40 per cent of others didn’t expect him to, but for me the talking point was the way he lost.

A unanimous decision and this time the spotlight was not on the judges’ scores, it was the manner that Kovalev destroyed Hopkins. He nullified everything that Hopkins threw at him, and the fight was not as tough as one would expect, which was not surprising really after the torrid first round Hopkins had to endure. It looked like my prediction of a stoppage win for Kovalev would come true, but Hopkins went into survival mode, not the usual jab and grab, but that very clever evasive footwork and body movement. He showed terrific movement as well as a solid chin, which he needed at times, especially in the last round.