Opinion | Sep 24 2018

Should Lawrence Okolie have been disqualified against Matty Askin?

In Clarke's Shoes: Andy Clarke considers Lawrence Okolie difficult British title win
Lawrence Okolie
Matty Askin v Lawrence Okolie - British Cruiserweight Title  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

DISQUALIFICATION. A big word; a menacing six syllable beast.

DQs are rare in boxing. They’re a last resort, something a referee turns to when left with no other choice. Spectators don’t want to see them and fighters don’t want to win or lose by them. They’re unsatisfactory but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t happen, and in my opinion we should have seen one on Saturday night at Wembley. It gives me no pleasure to say it but from where I was sitting referee Victor Loughlin should have disqualified Lawrence Okolie from the British cruiserweight title fight he was officiating between Okolie and champion Matty Askin.

It was a terrible fight, a truly awful spectacle, but that’s not what’s important here. You can never guarantee entertainment in boxing, or indeed in any sport, and all experienced observers realise and accept that. What is important is that a contest is fair and I didn’t feel that what transpired in the ring between Askin and Okolie was fair.


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