Should David Haye retire?

David Haye
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David Haye friend BJ Flores gives his take on the former two-weight world champion. By James Slater

SHOULD David Haye retire or not? This is a question a number of fans have been asking since “The Hayemaker’s” May 5 repeat defeat at the hands of Tony Bellew. However, many other fans are not asking whether Haye should call it quits – they are insisting he simply has no other option than to get out.

Haye, a warrior, will of course make the final decision. One man who knows the former undisputed cruiserweight champion better than most is current heavyweight campaigner BJ Flores (a man who also lost an exciting fight with Bellew), and Flores, kindly taking time to speak with Boxing News, gives his take on Haye and all he has accomplished – both in and out of the ring.

Q: BJ, should David retire or not?

BJ Flores: “My opinion is this: he has accomplished more than most champion boxers ever dream of. He has filled up arenas, he’s done tours worldwide, he’s fought in France, in Germany, in the USA, and he has always fought the best out there. He has accomplished every goal he ever set and then some. Who would have ever thought he would have made it to the finals in the World [amateur] championships, and then become the undisputed cruiserweight champion, and then the WBA heavyweight champion?”

Q: Haye has achieved plenty no doubt, but will he be content to walk away on a loss?

BJ F: “He has an amazing family and a big-time promotional company. David has lots in front of him and also, he has paved the way for the next generation, with many electric events that he has put on in the UK. Remember this: boxing was on the map for a long time in the UK because of David Haye. Period! He is a very smart man, he always works extremely hard at anything and everything he does and if he feels he can’t be the best at something, he will move in another direction.”

David Haye

Q: How will Haye be remembered?

BJ F: “He has always been the best. He has always been a cut above. Father Time is undefeated but David’s career will be talked about for years to come. David will go down as one of the greatest fighters from the UK ever to have laced them up.”

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