Opinion | Sep 27 2019

Shawn Porter: ‘I’m aggressive, I’m strong and guys can’t handle it’

In his own words Shawn Porter looks forward to his welterweight unification with Errol Spence
Shawn Porter
Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

IT’S the competitor in me to get at him any way I can. Until that bell rings, we’ll do whatever we need to do to let him know we’re really here to fight him.

When you’re in there with a top level opponent, it’s supposed to be a close action packed fight. I have everything it takes to make each fight exciting when I step into the ring.

Everyone has seen everything what I’ve done in my career. Everyone knows I can take a punch and I’ll be there from the first round to the last round. We’ll see what happens to Errol as the fight goes on.


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