News | Apr 15 2017

Shawn Porter: ‘Keith Thurman is better than Kell Brook’

Shawn Porter is determined to get back to the top
Shawn Porter
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SHAWN PORTER, who has lost to both Kell Brook and Keith Thurman, has declared the American the best of the two.

“Thurman. I think he’s the better fighter. I think finally being able to beat him, I think would be something on my resume, in my legacy, that would be remembered for a very long time. He’s a very good fighter; a very good defender of his belt/belts, and I’m looking forward to fighting him in a rematch,” Porter said.

“I just think overall. His boxing ability, ring IQ, speed, quickness, power, all of it. My personal opinion is it could be a biased opinion, but I feel like Keith Thurman is the better boxer/fighter than Kell Brook.”