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Sharing a ring with Muhammad Ali

On the third anniversary of Muhammad Ali's passing, eight of his opponents explain what he was like to fight
Muhammad Ali
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Henry Cooper

When June 18, 1963 & May 21, 1966 Where Wembley Stadium, London
& Highbury Stadium, London results Ali w rsf 5 & Ali w rsf 6

“THERE wasn’t another like him. Before the first fight, he was all mouth and saying, “I’ll stop Cooper in five but if he gives me asthma I’ll stop him in four”, that kind of thing. It used to go in one ear and out the other! A lot of the Americans talked more to their opponent than the British fighters but I used to ignore them. He used to try and call me everything but I knew it was putting bums on seats. People would ask if he was upsetting me and I’d say, ‘Let him carry on! I’m on a percentage as well!’ Everyone was buying seats.


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