Feature | May 24 2016

Shannon Briggs: I was depressed, I thought about jumping off a bridge

Shannon Briggs has been on a daunting journey
Shannon Briggs
Shannon-Briggs  |  Action Images/Reuters/Ina Fassbender

SHANNON BRIGGS has divided opinion since pitching up in England a few months ago and filling the streets of London with his incessant ‘Let’s Go Champ’ chant.

At 44, and having suffered some punishing losses during his long career, Briggs is seen by some as a danger to himself, a mercenary who should no longer be on the battlefield.

On Saturday he swatted aside a helpless Emilio Zarate to set up a lucrative fight with David Haye, who himself battered another no-hoper in Arnold Gjergjaj in the main event.