SHAKUR STEVENSON could star for the US at the Olympic Games later this year. The American has won his continental qualification event and is eager to take on the best in the 56kgs division.

“If I find out I’ve got to fight someone like Michael Conlan or Robeisy Ramirez I’ll be hyped up. I can’t wait until that time comes. Once I get in the ring I’m going to get competitive back. Win, lose or draw I’m going to fight,” Stevenson told Boxing News. “I think Michael Conlan is a great fighter. I think he’s got the mentality that you’re supposed to have as a fighter. He rises to the occasion. He gets a lot of good press but I think Robeisy Ramirez is better than him, honestly. But he’s a great fighter, I swear, he’s a good fighter I can’t wait to fight him.”

But Stevenson also notes that he won’t just be him carrying American hopes at Rio 2016.”I feel like we’ve got, I’m not going to say a way better team than 2012, but we’ve got a great team. As far as our big guys, our heavyweight he [Marlo Moore] doesn’t have that much experience but he just fought in the WSB got a first round knockout, our 132lbs that qualified as an Olympian already, Carlos Balderas, he’s a great fighter. We’ve been sparring he’s a great fighter. It’s really good work. It’s a chess match.

“We’ve got Antonio Vargas, a great fighter, Nico Hernandez, that boy got some will on him, we’ve got a great team. I’m just hyped!”

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