Feature | Jun 19 2018

Seven reasons why Josh Taylor vs. Viktor Postol is the best fight in Britain this year

Saturday's fight between Josh Taylor and Viktor Postol is the best (and riskiest) bit of matchmaking in Britain so far this year, writes Elliot Worsell
Josh Taylor vs Viktor Postol

SATURDAY’S (June 23) fight between Josh Taylor and Viktor Postol is so good I’ve spent every one of the 54 days since it was announced fully expecting it to be cancelled.

This sounds pessimistic and might not reflect well on those involved with the promotion, but it’s not meant to be taken this way. Instead, it is a testament to the surprise element of it all and says more about the regard in which I hold boxing and its ability to deliver the goods than anything else.

When announced, Taylor vs. Postol was, to me at least, something akin to the white lie a parent tells a child when trying to cajole them to the dentist. “We’re going to McDonald’s,” they might say. You believe it the first time. You go with it. But once burnt, once allowed to salivate only to feel the vibration of a drill, you’ll never make the same mistake again.