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  1. The 10 most famous fights of Jack Dempsey

    The legendary Jack Dempsey was born on this day (June 24) back in 1895. Here are his 10 most famous fights

  2. Jack Dempsey vs Joe Louis – the original dream fight

    Long before we debated Ali vs Tyson we argued about Jack Dempsey vs Joe Louis, writes Jack Hirsch

  3. On This Day: Jack Dempsey and Luis Firpo exchange an amazing 12 knockdowns in less than four minutes

    Jack Dempsey stops Luis Firpo in two rounds but there were calls for him to be disqualified

  4. On This Day: Jack Dempsey bludgeons Jess Willard in the most savage coronation in heavyweight history

    Jess Willard went to his grave believing that Jack Dempsey’s gloves were loaded

  5. Prohibition Blues – Did Jack Dempsey duck Harry Greb?

    'I’ll be in there to do or die. And I don’t expect to die.' Springs Toledo explores the saga of Harry Greb and Jack Dempsey

  6. On This Day: Gene Tunney survives the ‘long count’ and beats Jack Dempsey again

    Matt Christie explains why Jack Dempsey flooring Gene Tunney was one of the most controversial moments in boxing history

  7. On This Day: Jack Dempsey is knocked out of the ring in a wild brawl

    Bob Mee recounts how in three minutes 57 seconds of mayhem, a badly hurt world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey survives the 'Wild Bull of the Pampas'

  8. On This Day: Boxing legends Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb and Sam Langford all appear on the same show

    Matt Christie tells the incredible story of Billy Miske, who was dying when he stepped into the ring with Jack Dempsey

  9. On This Day: Jack Sharkey took his eyes off Jack Dempsey and woke up on the canvas

    How Jack Dempsey silenced the 'Boston Gob' to set up his last shot at glory