TRAINER Joe Gallagher provides an update on how Scott Quigg is preparing for his show down with Carl Frampton on February 27 at the Manchester Arena.

“He’s had fantastic sparring,” Gallagher said. “He’s training like he did for Kiko [Martinez], meticulously, no stone unturned. His times have improved, his running and his swimming, his test results, everything, VO2s, his conditioning, he’s fitter, faster, stronger. Technically wise, working on different things, we’ve made a few adjustments. We’ve improved Scott’s boxing game. Carl criticised Scott’s IQ and boxing brain. What’s that all about, trying to have a go at Scott Quigg’s boxing brain? Scott Quigg’s got a very good boxing brain and he’ll show that on February 27. Everything that they’ve said is going to come back to haunt them.”

Gallagher gave his take on how he sees Frampton-Quigg going. “I know exactly what they’re going to try to do. They’re going to try to be left hook happy, they’ll try left uppercuts on Quigg, they’ll try left hooks to the body, they’ll try to box at mid range, in and out, very amateurish, two steps in, two steps back out, catch,” Joe said.

“But whether Carl Frampton does the weight right?” he added. “I’d hate for them to say afterwards they blame the scales for it. If they don’t do the weight right then Carl’s not going to have the legs for 12 rounds. I think Carl’s got to come out from round one and go for Scott and then I think he’ll take a round off and box, then another round on and try and mix it up like that. But we’re expecting whatever his wants to do, we’ve got an answer for. I don’t think Carl’s got the legs or the energy to go more than nine, 10 rounds with Scott Quigg.”