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Scott Fitzgerald explains why his nearby pubs and drug dealers are all shutting shop now he’s realised the error of his ways

Scott Fitzgerald’s reputation as a boxer was long hindered by his reputation as a crazed party animal outside of the ring. But things had to change, as Terry Dooley discovers
Scott Fitzgerald
Action Images/Lee Smith

“CAN we do that thing where you ask me about my favourite film?” was Scott Fitzgerald’s response when I contacted him in March after his 10-round decision win over Liverpool’s Anthony Fowler. I told him that our intention was to earmark four pages in Boxing News so that people could get to know him after handing Fowler his first professional loss. “But I’ve always fancied doing one of those 60 Second Interviews, am I a big enough name now?” he replied.

That first conversation turned out to be a 60-second non-interview as he asked me to call him back and then disappeared for a few months. Some post-Fowler partying played its part yet prior to the fight he had discovered that his girlfriend, Rhiannon, was pregnant and got caught up on the path towards parenthood.

When we talked again his two-day old son, Archie-William, was cradled next to him and “The Mad Man” was in a reflective mood. Life has certainly changed for the 27-year-old. “This is a big thing in my life, so I had to take some time to concentrate on this,” he said. “I found out about the baby on Valentine’s Day. You immediately realise that it isn’t about you anymore. You need to generate that money, not make mistakes, and realise that your future is all about the baby.”

Anthony Fowler is knocked down by Scott Fitzgerald during their fight Action Images/Lee Smith