Fitness | Training | Aug 18 2015

S&C vital, says Scott Quigg’s strength coach

In the first of a new series, Ric Moylan talks about the evolution of training
Moylan Quigg

BOXING is a sport of fantastic history, a battle between two gentlemen in the art of combat. Now of course, in many ways, boxing has evolved. The length of rounds and the equipment used are just two elements of that evolution.

Now of course modern-day British fighters don’t chase chickens like Rocky, but questionable methods of making weight, old-school conditioning such as long-distance running and a non-existent strength programme (due to a fear of ‘getting big or slow’) meant that many fighters were leaving themselves at a disadvantage compared to their overseas counterparts.

In most other sports it has been widely accepted that in order for a competitor to achieve true athletic prowess, a team of specialists is needed, each playing their own unique role. Slowly but surely boxing has followed suit, and the role of the strength and conditioning coach is now gaining wider acceptance, and is becoming more commonplace amongst the boxing fraternity.


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