Feature | Jul 04 2019

Samuel Antwi – the view from the away corner

Samuel Antwi has had to deal with everything from changing room shenanigans to being handed a contagious baby in Zimbabwe. But he’s persists
Sam Antwi

IT was never going to be easy. But Samuel Antwi surely didn’t think it would be this hard. The welterweight has been boxing predominately from the away corner while amassing his 10-1 record and winning the Southern Area title. But the going has been tough. He’s had to deal with everything; the wrong gloves, changing room shenanigans, being handed a contagious baby in Zimbabwe. But he’s persisted.

“They’ll do anything they can do,” he reflects of life boxing out of the away corner. “They try to make you as uncomfortable as they can. So whatever they can do on the night to take you out of your psyche they’ll do it. They’ll tell you to get here at this time and then they’ll change it on the day. Do something like throw a bunch of people in your changing room, just to get you out of your cycle, to get you out of your fight… They end up switching the room.”

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