LIVERPOOL super-lightweight Robbie Davies Jr plans to continue his ascent on the undercard of Chris Eubank Jr vs Arthur Abraham at Wembley Arena on Saturday (July 15).

He takes on 18-1 Pole Michal Syrowatka. “From what I’ve seen of him he’s a very high calibre opponent. Over in Poland he’s the bees knees in the 10st division. I can’t say how I’m going to approach the fight because I don’t know how he is. I’ve watched him in numerous different fights, some fights he comes flying out the blocks, some fights he comes out taking his time trying to pick punches. It depends on how he approaches the earlier rounds,” Davies told Boxing News.

Robbie has been amassing knockout wins. “He’s coming over here knowing that. He’ll be brave if he comes out of the blocks trying to fight with me but I’m raring to go, can’t wait,” the Liverpudlian continued. “I’m just keen to impress. I want everybody to recognise me and how much I’m working with my team.

“It’s been great preparation. I’ve been working hard in the gym with my team.”

Davies wants to press on towards world class.

“I always take one step at a time. I don’t like to look past an opponent. Win this one I’m already ranked number four with the WBA. Number one and number two are fighting each other, possibly whoever loses out of them, I might take the number two spot, the number one might get a mandatory. It’s all ifs and buts now, swings and roundabouts. I wouldn’t mind fighting the winner of Kiryl Relikh and Rances Bartelemy. They’re the number one and two, whether it be here or over in the States, it doesn’t bother me. I’m confident of beating both of them,” he said.

“They are hard fights. But no harder than the fight I’m taking on Saturday.”