THE march to raise an initial £100,000 continues for the Ringside Rest and Care team. As Andrew Fairley and his team of boxers prepare to jump out of a plane in Salisbury, we can report that £3,200 has been raised before they take flight on June 1.

Boxers Jeffrey Ofori, Lucy Wildheart, David Birmingham, Jumaane Camero and Joel McIntyre have all signed up for the challenge in what promises to be a special day. Anyone who wants to donate should go to and search for ‘ringside rest and care sky dive’.

It was also heartening to hear about the exploits of Sophie Gallagher, a young boxing fan who carried out a series of sponsored events and has raised over £800 for the cause. Well done, Sophie, you’re a credit to the sport!

Many thanks also go to: Central Midlands EBA for their donation and Paul Nutting for all your continued support; Paul Abraham and all at Leeds EBA for digging deep; John Smith of Bushey Boxing Club for the organising the fun run; the Merseyside Former Boxers Association and the Scott family for their kind donation; the one and only Mick Guilfoyle, Adam Martin Pro Boxing and all the lads for their support. Finally, we must mention six-year-old Barry Varley who used his own money to buy a key ring and a lapel badge. That’s the spirit, Bazza!