MANCHESTER’S most famous sportsman Ricky Hatton has said it is one of the worst weeks in the city’s history and described the arena where the atrocity took place as his “second home”.

The former two-weight world boxing champion said he has had “many, many happy times” at the Manchester Arena, where 22 people were killed and dozens more injured.

Hatton told the Press Association: “My heart goes out to all the families and everyone that is connected. I’m a very proud Mancunian, but it’s absolutely heartwarming to see how Manchester has all rallied together. And that’s what Manchester people are. We’re a working class city aren’t we? We’re working class people.”

Hatton added: “You never expect it to be on your doorstep … Manchester Arena is like my second home. I must have had about 20 fights there over the years. I go there regularly to concerts.”

He said his ex-girlfriend was at the arena the night before, adding: “And just within the space of 24 hours, my kids could have lost their mum.

“It’s just a tragedy. And it’s nice to see the city all rallying together and staying strong at such a tragic moment.”

Hatton believes Manchester is “the greatest city in the world” and admits it will always be close to his heart.

He said it is “really one of the worst weeks, if not the worst week” in Manchester history. Hatton laid a floral wreath in the city centre.