THE hype around a potential clash between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor does not appeal to one of the American’s most high profile former opponents, Manchester hero Ricky Hatton.

Speaking exclusively to Boxing News, Hatton was unsure whether Mayweather was even going to go for that record-breaking 50th prizefight. “I think if he was going to have the 50th, I think he’d have had it by now. It’s not like there’s hundreds of miles on the clock with Mayweather, it’s not like myself. He lived the life, defence wasn’t my forte. Floyd didn’t take too many shots. He can go and have that 50th,” Ricky said.

But he cautioned, “I wouldn’t call it a 50th if he fights McGregor and that’s no disrespect to Conor. Every time a boxer goes in UFC, he doesn’t do anything. If he [McGregor] goes in boxing I think the same thing would happen. Floyd’s a master of defence. If Canelo can’t hit him, I don’t think Conor’s going to hit him. And that’s no disrespect to Conor. There’s other things to look at. Conor’s the biggest star in UFC and if he gets whitewashed by Mayweather, which I think he would, it wouldn’t look good on the UFC. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. If it does happen, I wouldn’t call it Mayweather’s 50th.”

Hatton though admits that he does appreciate the Irishman. “I hope Conor doesn’t think I’m being disrespectful, I’m a big fan. He’s right up Ricky Hatton’s street, a character, he gets stuck in, he’s hard,” he said. “It’s not being disrespectful, I just think they’re two different sports.”