History | Issue | Premium | Aug 27 2019

Remembering Jean-Claude Bouttier

French hero Jean-Claude Bouttier fell short only against great Monzon, writes Daniel Herbert
Jean-Claude Bouttier

FRANCE’S Jean-Claude Bouttier, who died aged 74 on August 3, had on the face of it a good career that just fell short of the top. He won his national title, the European crown, and twice challenged for the world middleweight title.

His misfortune was that both those shots came against Carlos Monzon, for many the greatest middleweight of all time.

And while Bouttier was well beaten in both fights, his rugged skills and charisma made him a huge star not only in his homeland but across Europe. Both Monzon-Bouttier battles were huge events, drawing large crowds to outdoor venues in the Paris area.