Feature | Aug 27 2019

Rebuilding Ted Cheeseman

Ted Cheeseman and trainer Tony Sims tell John Dennen why a nightmare 2019 is about to change
Ted Cheeseman
Action Images/Andrew Boyers

2019 has been a nightmare year for Ted Cheeseman. It began for him in February when Sergio Garcia handed him a punishing defeat in a European title fight, dismantling the Bermondsey super-welterweight over 12 humbling rounds. Then in June he went into a difficult British title defence against Kieron Conway, emerging from a bruising York Hall fight with a draw. Cheeseman hasn’t won yet this year and on October 19 he will go into another British title fight against an in form Scott Fitzgerald. It might just get harder still.

“It’s been a very difficult. But life’s difficult whether you work in an office, whether you work on a building site,” Cheeseman told Boxing News. “The people who are successful are the people who keep pushing and get through it. That’s what I’ve done. Hopefully in October I get the win and I prove that if you keep working hard, you get what you want.”

He has been dealing with difficult personal issues, confronting a bad gambling habit. His trainer Tony Sims said, “We had to put him through the process of going to meetings which he’s been doing. He does it every week, I’m really proud of the personal side to his life at the moment as well.