Declan Taylor
Boxing reporter

Even though I’d much rather see Manny Pacquiao fight an actual boxer I feel like he owes nothing to the sport after so many years of thrills and spills. McGregor surely represents his biggest potential pay cheque so there should be no ill will. Like everyone else, I’ll watch it and Pacquiao will win easily.

Andy Clarke
Television commentator

Can I leave a blank for this one? I have no interest in it whatsoever and don’t want to give it any oxygen so I think a blank space is the best way to articulate that.

Paul Edwards
Former British champion

I don’t have that much interest in it. As soon as I heard, it was a bit like here we go again. Another like the Floyd Mayweather thing. So it didn’t spike my interest. I just don’t care.

Matthew Macklin
World title challenger

It’s a money spinner, with no bearing on the boxing landscape. It’s an exhibition that’s going to make a lot of money, although I’m not sure how many people will buy into this in comparison to the Mayweather one. In the sense that at the time McGregor was at the peak of his hype. He had that mystique around him.

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