Fitness | Training | May 27 2016

Push pull workout – the Goff’s Workout of the Week

Cameron Goff returns with a four-week push pull workout micro-cycle designed to increase upper-body strength at the start of training camp
Push pull workout
Strength and power  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

IF anyone can make the phrase ‘bilateral upper-body strength’ sexy it’s the Goff. S&C guru Cameron Goff is back with a push pull workout to develop your upper body and enhance strength. How selfless of him. This should be used in a micro-cycle in a four-week block at the start of camp. It should be performed twice a week, alongside a lower-body workout.

NB: A two-four-minute rest is recommended between sets. The load can be gradually worked up to 85 per cent of your one-rep max (1RM) load for each exercise.

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