Fitness | Gear | Feb 07 2017

Product review – Sterotape Z.O.

Sterotape Z.O. product review
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BOXERS need tape, to secure their handwraps and support their wrists and knuckles beneath their gloves so fighters can be confident of unleashing their full power on the bags, pads, in sparring and in competition, while reducing the risk of injury.

The Sterotape – Z.O. is the zinc oxide professional sports tape from Steroplast. This is strong, adhesive tape used to strap up joints, fasten wraps and help prevent injuries. It’s ideal for boxing and other combat sports.

Strips can be torn off by hand, both length-ways and width ways. The adhesive quality, the stickiness is obvious at first glance. It’s very hard to stretch the tape though, this is deliberate so it can be used securely as athletic strapping. It fits comfortably, easy to wrap round joints of different shapes and the zinc oxide adhesive is billed as “skin-friendly”.