Fitness | Gear | Mar 14 2016

PRO-SPAR Training and sparring boxing gloves

PRO BOX bring out new training and sparring boxing gloves
boxing gloves

Every boxer needs a great pair of boxing gloves. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro, amateur or beginner, you can’t just blindly choose the prettiest or cheapest gloves and be done with it. Using the wrong gloves could injure your hands. That’s why you should invest time into choosing the best possible boxing gloves out there.

There are a bunch of boxing glove brands that exist in today’s market. But one brand that’s consistently been on the top tier since the 1980s is PRO-BOX.

PRO-BOX is a UK brand that was founded in 1987. It quickly became popular for the level of quality and craftsmanship built into every product. Now in 2016, PRO-BOX is one of the most recognisable UK brands today.


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