Feature | Jan 16 2020

Prince Charles Williams v Merqui Sosa: The Friday 13th fight that was so savage it had to be stopped and called a draw

The brutal story behind Prince Charles Williams v Merqui Sosa: 'They were throwing bricks, it was only a matter of time before somebody's body gave out'

“I called the fighters into the middle of the ring. I gave them final instructions that are uniquely mine, ‘I remind you both now, respect each other, obey my commands and we are going to keep this strictly professional.’

“We are still in mid-ring and Sosa growls at Williams, ‘Aqui jungle.’ I asked him later what he specifically meant and Merqui said, ‘I was telling him, now, here is going to be a jungle’.”

THE jungle is one of the most hostile and inhospitable places to wage war. Fighting humidity, disease and uncompromising terrain whilst under constant threat of ambush from an enemy skilled in the art of concealment and camouflage takes a special type of mindset.