Feature | Nov 22 2019

Pretty Perfect: What is Floyd Mayweather’s legacy, and will he risk tarnishing it with yet another comeback?

Following the announcement of Floyd Mayweather's latest comeback, Elliot Worsell takes a look at the great American's legacy
Floyd Mayweather  |  Action Images/Reuters/Steve Marcus

APPARENTLY, he’s back again. Back like Arnie. Back like the rodents in your kitchen you thought you had zapped. Back like a software update reminder. Back like a psychotic ex. Back for real this time.  

Floyd Mayweather, master of saying one thing and doing another, will supposedly return to the boxing ring in partnership with UFC President Dana White in 2020 and look to squeeze more from the teat of a sport he has already milked for all it’s worth.

Whether he achieves this via a string of exhibition bouts, as he implied only recently, or boxes another mixed martial artist, or rematches Manny Pacquiao, the current WBA welterweight champion, remains to be seen, but certainly – a word, I admit, should never be used when discussing Floyd Mayweather – there appears to be some movement, call it a shoulder roll, in one of these two directions. Floyd tweeted it. Dana White tweeted it. Therefore, it must be true.


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