Predicting disaster for Kell Brook could net you a fortune from Betway

The real value is likely to be found in picking a round

KELL BROOK returns to action this weekend for the first time since winning the IBF welterweight title from Shawn Porter in August last year. The euphoria of his world championship victory didn’t last for long. Within weeks a machete attack in Tenerife left his career in tatters, and his future uncertain. But he’s back and can expect a hero’s welcome in Sheffield when he makes his maiden defence against rugged Romanian, Jo Jo Dan.

BETWAY are not anticipating a hard night for Brook, making him a huge 1-14 favourite. One can see why Dan is such a hefty underdog. Although he’s been beaten only twice (tough but limited Selcuk Aydin inflicting both) he appears to have the style that Brook will relish.

Dan is no mug, of course, and can – when the opposition allows – box nicely from range but his punches lack zip (only 50 per cent of his fights have ended inside schedule) and are unlikely to faze the sharp-shooting Brook. The Englishman is a smooth pressure fighter capable of dictating the distance and pace in a long fight, or rapidly moving through the gears if he gets a sniff of an early night.

What we must not forget, though, is that horrendous ordeal that Brook suffered and the subsequent layoff he encountered. If the Sheffield star is not mentally focused as a result, Dan might have a chance of making any punter that backs him via BETWAY at 7-1 considerably richer. Significant underdog Carson Jones almost took advantage of a badly prepared Brook in 2012 but even then, the unbeaten British boxer proved his toughness and won a decision.

The draw is always tempting – this time priced by BETWAY at 25-1 – but it’s very hard to pick anything other than a home win for the fighter.

The best value – unless you sense a monster upset – will be in picking a round that the champion will triumph. Anywhere between five and nine look the most tempting.

Fight Winner 1 X 2
28 March 2015
22:00 (GMT) Kell Brook – Ionut Dan Ion 1/14 25/1 7/1
Total Rounds Over Under
  Kell Brook – Ionut Dan Ion 10/11 (+9.5) 4/5 (-9.5)
Round Betting
  Kell Brook Round 1 25/1
  Kell Brook Round 2 20/1
  Kell Brook Round 3 16/1
  Kell Brook Round 4 12/1
  Kell Brook Round 5 10/1
  Kell Brook Round 6 10/1
  Kell Brook Round 7 10/1
  Kell Brook Round 8 10/1
  Kell Brook Round 9 10/1
  Kell Brook Round 10 12/1
  Kell Brook Round 11 16/1
  Kell Brook Round 12 18/1
  Kell Brook to win on points 6/4
  Draw 25/1
  Ionut Dan to win on points 20/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 1 125/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 2 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 3 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 4 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 5 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 6 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 7 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 8 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 9 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 10 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 11 100/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Round 12 100/1
Method Of Victory
  Kell Brook KO, TKO or Disqualification 8/13
  Kell Brook Decision or Technical Decision 6/4
  Ionut Dan Ion KO, TKO or Disqualification 14/1
  Ionut Dan Ion, Decision or Technical Decision 20/1
  Draw or Technical Draw 25/1
Will The Fight Go The Distance
  Kell Brook – Ionut Dan Ion Yes – 11/8
    No – 8/15
Round Group Betting
  Kell Brook in Rounds 1 to 3 7/1
  Kell Brook in Rounds 4 to 6 4/1
  Kell Brook in Rounds 7 to 9 7/2
  Kell Brook in Rounds 10 to 12 11/2
  Kell Brook in Points Decision 8/13
  Draw 25/1
  Ionut Dan Ion in Rounds 1 to 3 50/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Rounds 4 to 6 40/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Rounds 7 to 9 40/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Rounds 10 to 12 50/1
  Ionut Dan Ion Points Decision 25/1

On the undercard the home fighters are all favourites (see below) with Sergey Khomitsky the most tempting underdog to back due to his history of upsetting the odds; both Frank Buglioni and Jamie Moore were unexpectedly vanquished in Britain.

Fight Winner 1 X 2
27 March 2015
19:00 (GMT) Matty Askin – Ovill McKenzie 6/5 25/1 4/6
28 March 2015
19:00 (GMT) Charlie Edwards – Mikheil Soloninkini 1/100 25/1 25/1
19:00 (GMT) Frankie Gavin – Bogdan Mitic 1/100 33/1 20/1
20:00 (GMT) Adam Etches – Sergey Khomitsky 1/3 22/1 9/4
20:00 (GMT) Gavin McDonnell – Oleksandr Yegorov 1/10 25/1 11/2
22:00 (GMT) Kell Brook – Ionut Dan Ion 1/14 25/1 7/1
29 March 2015
00:30 (GMT) Jhonny Gonzalez – Gary Russell Jnr 5/4 22/1 8/13
02:00 (GMT) Nonito Donaire – William Prado 1/100 28/1 18/1
04:00 (GMT) Donnie Nietes – Gilberto Parra 1/100 33/1 18/1


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