Fitness | Training | Mar 10 2016

Power workout with conditioning – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

The Goff is back and the top S&C coach provides a power workout that also includes conditioning drills to push yourself and help you make weight
Power workout hurdle jumps
Power-workout-hurdle-jumps  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

MUCH like Snap’s guest vocalist, Penny Ford, back in 1990,  the Goff’s got the power. Cameron Goff, top S&C coach, has devised a superb power workout with added conditioning (at no extra charge) that should be performed two-three times per week around three-five weeks out from a contest.

This will help to increase the endurance of the fast-twitch muscle fibres by increasing mitochondria which is also known as the ‘powerhouse’ of the muscle cell. Also, with the added conditioning bursts at the end of the workout, this conditions the body, helps a fighter make weight and really pushes your body through short, tough bursts. With the ‘powerhouse’ growing in size and becoming more efficient, it will allow more energy transfer through your ligaments and tendons to fuel that knockout blow.

Note that in a tri-set, you perform one exercise then rest, the second exercise and so on, while in a super-set you perform both exercises before resting. You should take a minute’s rest between the single exercises, unless otherwise stated.