MUCH like Snap’s guest vocalist, Penny Ford, back in 1990,  the Goff’s got the power. Cameron Goff, top S&C coach, has devised a superb power workout with added conditioning (at no extra charge) that should be performed two-three times per week around three-five weeks out from a contest.

This will help to increase the endurance of the fast-twitch muscle fibres by increasing mitochondria which is also known as the ‘powerhouse’ of the muscle cell. Also, with the added conditioning bursts at the end of the workout, this conditions the body, helps a fighter make weight and really pushes your body through short, tough bursts. With the ‘powerhouse’ growing in size and becoming more efficient, it will allow more energy transfer through your ligaments and tendons to fuel that knockout blow.

Note that in a tri-set, you perform one exercise then rest, the second exercise and so on, while in a super-set you perform both exercises before resting. You should take a minute’s rest between the single exercises, unless otherwise stated.

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Aerobic Plyometrics

1) Small hurdle double jumps – 2 sets, 3-minute reps, 30 seconds’ rest

Line up 10 small hurdles, have a small bounce over each hurdle in turn, then walk back and repeat. These should be short, sharp, explosive jumps, followed by a soft landing.

Explosive plyometric tri-set – 6 sets, 15-second reps, 30-45 seconds’ rest

2a) Kettlebell jump squats
2b) Medicine ball wall presses
2c) Medicine ball knee slams

Kettlebell jump squats: sit into a squat position with your arms fully extended gripping the kettlebell as it is positioned between your legs. One in this position, drive up and jump as high as you can with a soft landing and repeat. Short, sharp and explosive, the less time you spend on the ground the better.

Medicine ball wall presses: stand a full arm’s length away from a solid wall. Grab a medicine ball at chest height with both hands. Press your arms out to full extension and let go, the ball hitting the wall. Catch the ball, repeat and keep your elbows tight to your sides.

Medicine ball knee slams: kneel down and sit back onto your knees. Grab a medicine ball with both hands and hold it overhead. Once in this position create as much force as you can to slam the ball into the ground.

Super-set – 4 sets

3a) Barbell jerk – 4 reps
3b) Box jumps – 5 reps

Barbell jerk: hold the bar in front of your upper chest with a pronated grip (palms facing away from the body). Start with your feet square, shoulder-width apart and facing forwards. Sit into a quarter-squat position and drive the barbell upwards whilst jumping into your boxing stance. Once the barbell is fully extended overhead and you’re into your stance position, fully extend your legs and bring both of your feet back to a square position.

Box jumps: build a box around knee-height or a bit bigger. Sit into a quarter-squat position then start to drive up onto the box. Once completed, fully stand up on the box.

4) Loaded medicine ball dive throws – 4 sets, 4 reps

Have four medicine balls laid out and ready to go. Grab your first medicine ball with both hands and bring it into your chest; keep your feet square to start off with. Once set, dip your legs, sit into a quarter-squat position and start to fully extend your arms and drive forwards. As you start to release your medicine ball forwards, move your feet into your boxing stance. Repeat with the other balls.

5) Knee-loaded box jumps – 3 sets, 3 reps

Start on your knees, have a box built around knee-height. Sink your bum back as if sitting onto your heels. Start to push your hips forwards and jump onto your feet into a deep squat position. Once in this deep squat position, then drive up onto your box.

6) Rower – One 3-minute set, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds’ rest

Twenty seconds all-out work, rest for 10 seconds. Set the resistance level to test yourself.

7) Battle ropes – One 3-minute set, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds’ rest

Sit down into your hips, grab your battle ropes – one in each hand – and get slapping them ‘through’ the floor.

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