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Police shut down Junior amateur championships

England Boxing Junior championships
But Birtley ABC make sure the Northern semi-finals of the England Boxing Junior championships go ahead

THE police had forced the cancellation of various stages of the England Boxing Junior championships, based on a serious threat, including “a threat to life”. Even if England Boxing had gone ahead with certain events in the tournament it was made clear that the police would go to court to stop them.

However the Northern Area semi-finals were held at Birtley ABC on April 3. “We have faced a number of challenges recently with the police cancelling events, however I am delighted that the northern area semi-final went ahead on Sunday and I would like to thank Graeme Rutherford and everyone at Birtley ABC along with all of my colleagues for their fantastic efforts in making sure the event took place and ensuring the Juniors got an opportunity to compete,” said Paul Porter, the chief executive of England Boxing. “We are determined that future events will not be affected and have set up a working group to investigate the reasons for the cancellations and establish a closer dialogue with the police to get a better insight into the safety concerns that have caused them to cancel recent events. It will also look into several reported instances of individuals attempting to interfere and disrupt the planning of last Sunday’s event. Thankfully these malicious activities were not successful owing to the great work of the team at Birtley.

“We are committed to dealing with this situation and everyone at England Boxing is working as hard as possible to ensure we are able to deliver safe and secure events for boxers, their families, volunteers and supporters. The continued safety and wellbeing of our members and all those involved in the sport is the number one priority of England Boxing and we are determined to not let any external factors get in the way of our great sport.”

Junior Cadets

36kg Thomas McEnvoy (Salisbury) beat Kallum Wood (Aston) pts unan

40kg Dylan Skedd (Hartlepool) beat Bert Keeton (Scunthorpe) pts split

42kg Bradley Thomas (Donnington) beat Tom Bennett (Kirkdale) pts unan

44kg Charles Dunne (Boxing Clever) beat James Byrne (Gemini) pts unan

46kg James Mongan (Priory Park) won by walkover

48kg William Ward (Darlington) beat Raheem Mohammed (Merridale) pts unan

50kg Arron Vaughan (Tower Hill) beat Callum Ryder (Leigh)

52kg Myles Fletcher (Burton Park) beat Jake Fawthrop (Karmand) pts unan

54kg Georgia  Klein (Manor) won by walkover

57kg Qotabi Al-Qotabi (Sheffield Lane Top) beat Jack Booker (Atherstone) pts unan

60kg James Lepoidevin  (Aycliffe) beat George Hulme (Tamworth) pts split

63kg Billy Revel (Burton Park) beat Jack Shea (Salisbury)

75kg Reece Sloan (Salisbury) won by walkover



36kg Kasim Ali (Eastside) beat Lee Rooney (Wearmouth) pts unan

42kg Christopher Windle (Laisterdyke) won by walkover

40kg Brian Stokes (Stoke Staffs) beat Reece Green (Lambton Street)

44kg Alfie Swalwell (Phil Thomas School of Boxing) beat Alex Barlow (Middleton Select) pts unan

46kg Hope Price (Hunslet) beat Ryan Dixon (Exhall) pts unan

48kg Simran Kaur (Merridale) beat Demi Cox (Scunthorpe Imps) pts unan

48kg Chloe Watson (Birkenhead Venture) beat Savannah Stubley (Empire) pts split

48kg Ethan James (Kings Heath) beat Bradley Rhodes (Hunslet) pts unan

50kg Kira Carter (Tigers) beat Megan Riley (Birtley) TKO

50kg Subhaan Ahmed (KBW) beat William Birchall (Sharpstyle)

52kg Saskia McCormack (Nottingham SOB) beat Nicole Cherhill (Parson Cross) pts unan

52kg Callum Grace (Platinum) beat Tom Ward (Tom Lowe) pts split

54kg Elise Glynn (Solihull) beat Paige Goodyear (Brooklands) pts unan

54kg Joe Tyres (Darlington) won by walkover

57kg Jade Morrison (Birtley) beat Angelica Finch (Boston) pts split

60kg Ammar Akbar (Warrior Breed) beat Joshua Da Silver (Solihull) pts split

63kg Gemma Richardson (Scunthorpe) beat Brodie Stephenson (Carlisle Villa) TKO

63kg Donte Dixon (Manor) beat Owen Cooper (Worcester City) pts split

66kg Connor Tudsbury (Moss Side Fire) beat Bobby Carter (Hartlepool) pts unan

70kg Georgia O’Connor (Brandon) beat Olivia Freeman (Jewellery Quarter) pts unan

70kg Drew Davidson (Lambton Street) beat Brandon Pinnock (Christ the King) pts unan

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