PODCAST – It’s time for the boxing world to ignore the WBA

As the WBA try to get themselves out of another fine mess, Boxing News wonder if enough is enough on the podcast

THE World Boxing Association (WBA) have been making a mockery of themselves and the sport for several years. With the organisation recognising multiple champions per weight class, Alex Steedman and Matt Christie contemplate a better boxing world without them.

Canelo Alvarez joining up with the ever-ambitious Eddie Hearn for two fights is also discussed alongside reviews and previews of Stephen Fulton’s latest victory and Caleb Plant’s imminent outing.

Your choices for your favourite fights to watch on a rainy day are examined while Alex names his book of the week while Matt focuses on an old school cruiserweight classic.

Book of the week: ‘The Hurt Business’ – George Kimball & John Schulian

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  • The whole wba and wbc interim, franchise etc titles are a complete nonsense. Fury and Joshua should bin all the belts, pay no sanction fees and stick it to them. The WBC article in Boxing News with the chap who runs the WBC talking about the Campbell, Lomachenko, etc interim, franchise, real or occasional champ made no sense at all, I read it 3 or 4 times, the man made no sense at all, agreeing two men can fight for another mans title. I don’t watch any fight for the title, totally irrelevent and long term there must be change or the game will wither, it is farcical and just leaves you shaking your head with incredulity.


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