PODCAST: A terrible night for Josh Warrington and British officials

Josh Warrington
Reaction to the brutal Josh Warrington loss and some highly controversial officiating at Wembley

IN this special reaction podcast, Alex Steedman and Matt Christie attempt to break down an eventful night at Wembley that saw Josh Warrington lose to Mauricio Lara in a beyond brutal upset and the judges steal the headlines again for some contentious scoring on the undercard.

Warrington was eventually stopped in the ninth round but arguments that the bout should have been halted as early as the fourth carry significant weight. 

In chief-support, eyes rolled as Zelfa Barrett was named the victor over a sprightly Kiko Martinez. The Briton may have done enough to win, but the cards, namely two that read 118-111 in his favour, were not in keeping with the fight witnessed by the vast majority of observers.

What can or should be done in the face of officiating controversies?

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  • Matt, I was with others that BN featured a promoter so heavily this week, I know it is Boxing News, but it was very self centred and unchallenging, what about the one sided beat downs some UK challengers have taken, just for TV, and on Saturday, the pigeons came home to roost! A decent UK fighter, a bit of TV money, some hype and all of sudden an invincible, is bought crashing down to earth, by a tough tough 21-2 Mexican, who would of thought? Well, in fact most people thought it risky to look beyond Lara with such casualness, Mr Hearn should have known better, or at least his advisors? I agree he should have been saved in the 4th, as the later knockdown, could prove to be career ending, but as you know going out on your shield if seen as better market value, look at the flack Dubois took for saving himself for another day.

    As for the Martinez fight, how many times do we say you have to go abroad and knock the guy out to win on points? The UK has not always been without this kind of silly judging, and it will not stop foreign fighters coming over, as its payday, they just wont try as hard and will just take the money, and the short changed punters will lose interest.

    The interview with Eddie Hearns was just another promoter telling us his dreams, and plans for large scale promotions, it was not grass roots, and most punters are very untrusting of these guys, only 3 years ago we still had decent fights on sky, and some terrestial action, then sub standard stuff became pay per view, I cancelled Sky, it lost all value at that point.


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