Fitness | Training | Mar 18 2016

Peak performance – the Goff’s Workout of the Week

Top strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff presents a session for the last week of serious training that will help you achieve peak performance
peak performance

AS a man at his peak, and something of a magnanimous chap, The Goff – aka top strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff – wants everyone to attain a similar level of conditioning. Hence, the fitness superhero has devised a peak performance workout designed to be used in the penultimate week of training camp, just before a boxer begins to taper off. This session can be done twice in that week but no later than seven days before the fight. Peak performance week replicates fight night, everything is done during this week to mimic moves you will use during the fight, mainly using bodyweight exercises, with a slight load. This will ensure you hit your peak at the right time.

NB: With the rower sprints between the other exercises, the idea is to go all-out, record the metres covered each time and, by the end, hopefully be covering the same distance or more than the first time, to illustrate maintenance of conditioning level throughout.

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