Panel: What more can be done to stamp out controversial decisions?

Terry O'Connor
A panel of experts considers what can be done about controversial decisions

Natasha Jonas
World title challenger
Get rid. It’s that simple. There has to be independent reviews on fights where there have been massive differences in scoring. Decisions should be reversed if they’re deemed wrong. These people are changing lives and are never held accountable. No legal action, no nothing, imagine if that was the workplace.

Darren Barker
Former IBF champion

Changes do need to be made. I think it should be a case of out with some of the old judges and in with the new. We need some fresh eyes judging the fights.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Greater accountability for judges. Suspensions and demotions are only fair. Judging a fight can be subjective, but not always. Some decisions are wrong and sanctioning and governing bodies must act when they believe that to be the case. But who’s going to make them? That’s another question entirely.

Declan Taylor
Boxing reporter

Some accountability somewhere along the line would be a good start. As it stands, nobody has to explain anything. A judge can do a truly woeful job and yet still get a gig a fortnight later. It would be good to hear why they have scored a fight in the opposite way to the vast majority of onlookers.

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